Alaska Tsunami National Ocean Science Bowl

Alaska Tsunami National Ocean Science Bowl

Last weekend, I traveled to Seward with two professors and the Dean of the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences (CFOS). 20 teams from different high schools in Alaska traveled to compete with each other. I was invited to help recruit high school students, and give them more information about UAF and CFOS. We arrived to Seward Thursday night and left Saturday afternoon.

Each team consisted of four students from the same high school. They wrote a paper, gave a 20 minute presentation, and competed in a quiz. I was very impressed with their projects! Presenting in front of college professors as the judges would be incredibly nerve-racking!    

It was a funny feeling being back in a high school, even if I only graduated four years ago. High school students walked by the booth I set up and talked to me about UAF. They had many questions about my experience in college. They were goofy, but incredibly focused! Based on this weekend, I observed one thing: Alaskan high school students, on average, seem more independent than lower 48 high school students. 

Friday night after the competition, all the students, faculty, and volunteers attended the Alaska Sealife Center for dinner and to explore the aquarium. The high school students were mellow and focused. My experience in high school were 15 year olds running around and being obnoxious. Surprisingly, many of them sat down with me and asked questions about the Fisheries program specifically. The funny thing? A lot of them were sophomores! When I was a sophomore, college was the the last thing I was thinking about.

This weekend was inspiring to witness students competing among their peers. It was obvious the students deeply cared about this competition and their projects. Overall, it was fun to meet high schoolers in the beautiful town of Seward! 

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