Winter Break

Winter break is upon us, and, with that, a lot of time to spend at home not doing anything, just spending time with friends and family. Or maybe you have a job at home that you are able to go back to for the month that we have off from school. Your Facebook and Instagram feeds are full of people posting pictures back home, saying something along the lines of "I have missed this place" or "Glad to call this place home". If you are like me you kind of forget that not everyone lives in Fairbanks. It's fun getting to see glimpses of people, how they are when they are around their friends or family based on their Snapchat stories. Seeing everyone's nice family traditions, and learning a different side of your friends.

For many this is a glorious time to catch up with everyone. For me on the other hand, I am a recluse during these few short weeks that I am here. I have been staying in and catching up on all the TV shows my parents recorded for me, doing simple chores around the house, and trying to keep sane. This is because I am usually so busy during the semester that I do not know what to do now that I actually have time to myself. I have been catching up on all of the sleep that I have been missing out on (which is glorious btw) and hiding away from almost any and all social gatherings. My parents keep trying to force me out of the house, keep telling me "Go socialize!" or my personal favorite, when they come home from work and ask "Have you even moved off of that couch today?"

We've all just finished a hard fall semester full of all nighters. These last two weeks were horrible on all of us and yes, if you are like me you probably stayed up an extra few hours at night to watch Netflix instead of sleeping like you probably should. I am using this time to do a little R&R, get over the stress from this last semester and mentally prepare myself for the semester that is fast approaching. Plus, who likes to answer the questions from everyone in your town about how school has been going or how your love life is? Definitely not me.

So use the excuse that you are busy having family time and hide away in your favorite pair of pajamas and fuzzy socks and enjoy your time to relax! You have 4 short weeks to relax and prepare yourself for next semester's course load. It is your winter break, might as well enjoy it how you want!

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