Why is everyone getting married...?

You know when you’re on Facebook and engagement announcements pop-up. And you’re supposed to be like, “Oh that’s so cute, I’m so happy for them, blah, blah, blah.” Well, when I see those now I am happy for them… but the thing is, I wasn’t expecting to see them NOW.

After my cruise I was bombarded by these Facebook announcements when I reached US soil (literally my phone almost died because of all the things I missed!) Two of my closest friends announced their own individual engagements and a bunch of people from my high school did, too. (What’s with all the New Years engagements???... Anyways…)

I am happy for them, so happy… but there was this voice inside my head that was asking, “why so early, why now?”

While looking at these posts I did some reflecting and self-questioning…

Am I ready to be married and settled down?
Answer: Heck no! I think marriage is great and some day I hope to be married, but not at 21 years old, with college still to get through and graduate school also in my future.

I have a boyfriend whom I love and whom I could see marrying, in the future. But that future might be 3+ years away and that is A-OKAY!

Everyone is in different periods of their lives and those friends that decided to get married, great for them! They are probably ready for it; at least I hope they are!

I am definitely not. I have some goals I need to reach before I enter that realm of Adulthood and more responsibilities.

Like for instance…
I would like to have a consistent job
I would like to have graduated with my bachelor’s from UAF
I would like to be half way through, at least, with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

But… there is the possibility that all these goals could be put aside or done with a partner if that so happens. When you meet the right one everything could change.

So, in conclusion… I don’t know if I have a conclusion, all I know is that I’m happy for my friends, I’m not ready to get married, and it’s possible for my opinion to change…no pressure on the boyfriend. 😉

Now it’s time to go bridesmaid dress shopping!

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