Why I Chose To Live In A Dry Cabin

Lets start off with the basics: what is a dry cabin? Sometimes the phrase throws people off but it is simpler than it seems. A dry cabin is basically a home with absolutely no plumbing or running water. This means no shower, no toilet, no washing machine but you do have a sink of sorts, you just have to get your own water to wash miscellaneous items. There is also this cool little bucket that collects all of the water underneath it called a slop bucket. Other than the lack of plumbing it has all of the other necessary requirements to live and possibly live comfortably including: electric, heating, a fridge, and whatever furniture you'd like. Although they lack in one thing, they make up for it with the amount of personality they can have and the amount of cool things you will discover about yourself from living in them.

These cool little spaces make a lot of sense in Alaska especially for students because there is plumbing on campus, where you spend the most of your time anyways. Full time students automatically have access to the Student Rec Center which has showers but there are also multiple showers around and throughout campus that can be used without the full time requirement. We also have washers and dryers on campus in the Wood Center so where one place may not have another place that you frequent does. Living this way just takes a little bit of time, patience and a lot of mindfulness when it comes to how much water you use and drink everyday.

To give you a little bit of background, I became interested in dry cabins the same way that anyone else does, word of mouth. I decided to start my hunt about half a year ago and some important changes came into play that I was willing to make. Water conservation was one of the largest of my concerns because I wanted to spend less time in the shower. Although water is absolutely amazing the lengths of my showers were longer than necessary. Another change I wanted to make was just the state of being independent. I thought to myself, I have a few jobs, I career shadow, I'm in a few clubs and I'm doing pretty well in school, and above all I'm managing all of the things on my plate relatively well. So why not? I'm 20 years old, it would be great to have a space to call my own.

Now to answer my original reason for starting this post, why did I choose to live in a dry cabin? I wanted an authentic, but different experience under my belt. Other than already living in Alaska I thought to myself, how else can I challenge myself in order to inspire growth? My life is already pretty unique so why not? Why not take the risk and change the way you live when it could be beneficial to your life story? It may not be equipped with all of the promoted aspects of a home but its a home nonetheless.

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