The 40 Below Club

Some of the most common questions I get asked when I am back home in Saudi Arabia are: "How cold does it get in Alaska?" and "Can you survive there?"

I keep giving them the same answer: "My first Winter was not too bad, I believe it barely touched -30 degrees Fahrenheit. And as long as I layered up, I was fine."

But this winter was special. It went down from -40 to -52 degrees Fahrenheit at one point. So yeah it was a bit chilly if I do say so myself. Now you may ask, what is the 40 Below Club?

Let me first start off with why 40 below and not 41 or 42 below. Where I grew up, I was used to Celsius temperatures. It sometimes gets to be a hassle to remember both, as here in the US we use Fahrenheit. But, fortunately for us, -40 degrees Celsius is the same as -40 degrees Fahrenheit thanks to the way the two temperature scales scales work out. Most people simply refer to this particular temperature as 40 below. Even mercury thermometers freeze at this temperature, so it goes to show you how intense it is.

Now the 40 Below Club is a club of elite and brave students who are willing to stand out in the cold next to the school's huge temperature sign and have their picture taken while wearing nothing but their underwear.

The 40 Below Club is one of UAF's oldest traditions. The cold of 40 below is a part of the UAF experience. And I hope you guys will get to experience this or already have experienced this.

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