Scholarship Deadline Fast Approaches

The deadline to apply for University of Alaska scholarships is February 15th. Fast approaching. 

UA online, UAF’s main portal to sign up for classes, pay fees and view holds of any kind on your account, is also where you can access the scholarship application. I will start writing the essays needed for the individual scholarships that I can apply for this week, hopefully.

Me... frantically writing if I procrastinate any longer.

There are also other scholarship links on the website that aren’t directly linked to UAF. I will be taking a glance at those too!

My piece of advice (couple of pieces...) for anyone thinking about going to college is to apply to every and any scholarship you see; even if you only fill in a couple of their requirements. Doesn’t hurt to apply for everything!

Another thing! Don’t be shy to brag about yourself.  I have the hardest time with this. Bragging is not something I do but it is necessary to show the scholarship committee I am worthy. SO start giving it your all! If you have any volunteer work to mention, mention it! Any academic achievements in high school? Mention it! Any leadership roles that you participated in? MENTION IT!

You get my point.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t receive a certain scholarship. There are plenty more to go around. Don’t limit yourself to just UAF Scholarships. Google some, and look at company websites from your home town.

Also, UAF offers payment plans to students who need them.

One thing I am very proud of UAF for is their financial aid opportunities, so go out there and take advantage of them!

P.S. Please pay your student fees before the actual deadline. The lines can get extremely long!

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