Project Sleigh (Slay?) Ride

Read first, read first, read first!

This greeting is a tad late, but anyways -- Happy Holidays! This year, I actually decided -- against my better judgment -- to stay in Fairbanks for the holidays in order spend some time reflecting and introspecting about the year and the semester ahead of me. Just kidding! I moped around and ate canned sweet corn the whole day, as I watched a dog chase around a bone repeatedly throughout the house. I housesat for one of my good friends here, and they lived in a damp cabin (which is a cabin w/ a fully functioning kitchen and bathroom, operating with water brought and/or delivered there). It was nice getting away from technology, from people, and from responsibilities. All I had were a duffel bag of clothes, a canvas bag of food, some books that I barely touched, my trusty car, and the dog. (By the way, the dog loved to check on me whenever I was asleep, so it was not strange for me to get a tap and a lick on the forehead at 3 o'clock in the morning.)

It was a winter wonderland at the cabin. Every single morning, the doggo and I would play around for a good hour, until she would casually just give up and walk towards the cabin door. Then we'd just lounge around and watch obscure cooking channels in which chefs would say "New Orleans" in a strange way -- not at all the two accepted pronunciations.

Anyways! Christmastime rolled around, and it was a pretty lonely time. I was usually home in Kodiak, surrounded by my family and filled with Filipino food. This year, I was dreaming about the food in the obscure cooking shows. One of my friends suggested that I make a holiday video, because it had been a long time since I created one. I wanted it to be as cringe-worthy as possible but unique. Homegrown. Me.

Fair warning: I didn't have Garage Band, and I had to make do with iMovie. My music skills are par. My vocal skills are stellar (wow, that was a complete joke!). Without further ado -- please, enjoy the sleigh ride.

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