My time spent with Dr. Sylvia Earle

This past week, I had the privilege to spend time with famous oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle! How did I get to meet her, and bring her along to my home of Shishmaref, Alaska with the film crew that I call my new friends, you may ask? Well, I was on my way back to Fairbanks, where I currently go to college at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and I got a Facebook Message in Nome, Alaska. It was one of the producers that works with Dr. Earle. He asked me if I wanted to be in their film, which was a continuation of Sea of Hope, a film about Dr. Earle and her journey meeting with various people across the nation to talk about protecting our oceans. My first thought was, "Yes! I would love to start my acting career today!"

So, I said yes, and we arranged flights, food, scheduling, housing, and transportation within one week! My first leg of my journey was in Anchorage, where I spent two days. That is where I met Dr. Earle and I have to say, meeting her was a once in a lifetime opportunity. We sat down and had breakfast and talked to one another until we had to get ready to see Dr. Earle speak at the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program's meeting at the ANSEP Building. After the ANSEP talk, we waited until our flight the morning after to Shishmaref!

In Shishmaref, we filmed a friend of mine and I talking about climate change in Shishmaref and how it has affected hunting, the island, and our way of life. At the school gym, we hosted a pizza party and a screening of a video of when John Denver went to Shishmaref back in 1975 and after that, "Sea of Hope". Almost the entire village was in attendance to see the film, Eskimo Dancing, and celebration. I would say that my time spent back at home, even though it was for a few days, was very much needed and it was fun showing my new friends and Dr. Sylvia Earle around where I grew up!

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