My Favorite Coffee Shops Around Town (+Joining the 40 Below Club)

Fairbanks can be extremely cold- as we all have seen this past week with temps plunging down to -50 F... Whew! I'm glad that is over! Now it is only -30 F!

I will mention though, that some good did come out of those frosty temperatures! Yes, that's right... I finally (finally!) joined the FORTY BELOW CLUB! What a wonderful feeling, seriously! I have always wanted to! And so did tons of other UAF students. There were lines of cars waiting to take their pictures in front of this iconic sign.

Now on to my favorite coffee shops around good old Fairbanks (in no particular order):

1. Lulu's Bread and Bagels.

YUM! What more is there to say? This cafe is my go-to for egg and cheese sandwich bagels with an americano or vanilla latte on the weekend. It has a positive vibe and friendly atmosphere, And things just taste wonderful! From homemade bagels and cheesecakes to quiches, there are many yummy treats to eat here. Although, I have only ever tried the egg and cheese bagel because it is so good. Easy bike riding distance to UAF.

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2. College Coffee House.

This is a great place to study with free wifi and wonderful music that is live different nights throughout the week. They have various food items like wraps, bagels, and of course coffees and teas. There is a very comfortable and cozy feel here, and unlike Lulu's, I could stay here all day and do homework or just people watch. Bonus points that it is within easy walking distance to UAF and offers discounts to UAF students.

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3. Barnes and Noble (at the fireplace)

I'm sure there is a Barnes and Noble in many cities, but the one here in Fairbanks is actually just a little more special- it has a fireplace within it! They have a wonderful broccoli and cheddar quiche and on-par coffees (read: the cinnamon dolce latte). Another great feature is the free wifi to work on homework and also the employees do not mind if someone just orders a coffee and browses through various books in the store.

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This is a real gem in Carhart and sweater Fairbanks. Venue is an art gallery and coffee shop mixed into one with tons of different activities going on all year from yoga, to art shows (with food) and musical concerts and comedy shows. They have wonderful food- all gluten free and many times vegan. One notable thing about their coffee is that it is pour over- the only one of its kind in Fairbanks. Venue is near and dear to my heart- maybe because I worked there this summer or maybe just because I have never found a place like it.  Things are always changing around and the vibe is very modern. They also boast free wifi and are biking distance from UAF-or walking distance if you're hardcore.

Image result for venue fairbanksImage result for venue fairbanks

5. McCafferty's Coffee Shop

McCaffertys is for the old, or shall we say "seasoned" at heart. (In a good way!) It has a very chill feeling to it, and has lots of simple furnishings. But if you want to hide away in a nice cup of coffee, McCafferty's would be a pleasant place to do it. It also hosts live music every Friday and Saturday night, until about 11 pm. It does not have wifi- but who needs to be connected to the internet all the time anyways? It is a nice bike ride away from UAF.

Photo of McCafferty's A Coffee House - Fairbanks, AK, United States. Inside the coffee shop.Photo of McCafferty's A Coffee House - Fairbanks, AK, United States. Live band

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