Maintaining a Balance of Your Life in College

You may have heard of the college triangle. On each point of the triangle is an aspect of your life. You either get a social life, good grades or sleep. But in all reality the triangle is a lot more complicated than that. It looks more like this:

This may seem like a nightmare, and in some reality it is, but its not always that bad. You just need to plan accordingly. You see I am the type of person that has everything planned out, I have a planner filled out with class times and homework due dates, time for work and time for clubs, as well as allowing myself time for sleep and to spend time with my boyfriend. That being said my daily planner is crazy full. 

There is an easy way to deal with all of these events. For instance you can work on homework with your partner, or go volunteer as a resume builder with them. You never want to skip calling your parents (something that sadly I need to make more time to do), but maybe do not call them for an hour everyday, and instead spend that time working or doing something else. If you have the opportunity, you could just wait to get a job or internship until the summertime so you would be able to spend more time working on other things, but for a student like me, I need a constant income in order to be able to pay for my education. That being said, there is no problem with taking a fifth year of school. You are able to spread your classes out more, which means you have more time for other things during the school year. It just means that you have to spend money for one more year of college. Really its a catch-22, you feel like you are missing out on something no matter what you are doing. 

For a college student, time is the ever important thing. Every semester you are going to have to reorganize your schedule to make up for the fact that you want to try to fit all of these things into your life. It will seem like a constant struggle, and sometimes you may feel like it has become too much, but if that is the case just take a second to breathe and realize that everything will work out in the end. You will not lose your friends because you are unable to eat dinner with them every night, your parents will understand if sometimes you have to text them about your day instead of calling them. If your partner is around you they will understand that school comes first and that you sometimes need to concentrate on school. But no matter what, do not skip out on sleep, you absolutely need to sleep in order to do anything else. You do not want to be doing something half as good as you could just because you do are staying up trying to work on homework every night when you could be sleeping and working on homework during the day. 

As I tell my boyfriend all the time, school comes first, and there is no reason to keep putting off doing your school work just because you want to go hang out with your friends or me. We are about to be in the real world, but until then we need to make every second of college count to prepare ourselves for our future as well as living the college life that is always talked about.

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