I'm Back... and not so ready

Getting back into the swing of things here at UAF has been incredibly hard. Is it possible to have senioristis as a junior in college??? 'Cause I think I caught it. And mine is a severe case.

Over break my family and I enjoyed a cruise to the Caribbean, where we soaked up all the sun we could and relaxed. It was wonderful but it made coming back to reality a little harder.

Grand Turk beach day with my sis! Miss it so much.
I have homework the first week? Whaaaaaat!?
I should know that this is always the case in college, but for a second I was hoping to gradually get homework. Not BAM! 4 homework assignments all due on the same day…

I wish I could just be here, in my apartment, hanging out with friends and not worrying about homework but THAT is not what I am here to do. So, here is a little pep-talk to whoever is reading (but mostly to myself).

Get off your butt and start that homework early! Stop complaining and start acting. If you feel tired go to the gym and wake up. Get someone to motivate you into working. You’ve got 3 semesters left and you can do this. If you need a break there is always the weekend. As our cruise director said, you can sleep when you’re dead. (But please sleep, sleep is important for your health.) Believe in yourself and anything can happen. Think positive and positive things will happen!

Okay, now that I feel totally motivated, I’m going to get some homework done! Whoo hoo! 

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