Goodbye Robert

In memoriam –– to a wonderful, beautiful roommate.

Wow, Robert. It was an exciting fall semester. Why did you have to leave me?

Remember that one time when we rode to school together and went back home together? That was like everyday.

Did I ever get tired of you? Why yes of course I did, but your company was super appreciated.

How many dishes did we do together? None, because we did our dishes separately. We were pretty good at that.

What did you think about using the same bathroom? You clogged the toilet, the tub, and the sink so much that –– I swear –– I got used to just waiting for it to clear up again.

Remember when you had that mustache? Gross, but funny.

Remember when I beat you at two games of Ribbit King by a huge margin because I am a bomb video-game player? Yeah, you were so mad –– I loved it.

Remember when you drove me home from a late-night adventure at the campus pub? I appreciated that. I cried so much, I couldn't even remember. 

How many times did we go to Anchorage together? Three times, but almost four. We almost ran into moose, but I'm so good at swerving. Ayyyy. 

Dayman. Fighter of the Nightman. Champion of the Sun.

You're like Dayman, but the champion of my heart.

Remember when you're practically the older brother that I always wanted to have? Same.

In other words, I miss you. I wish you didn't move back on campus. (But I'm so glad I have the bathroom to myself again. Clog-free.)

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