Decisions, decisions

I have recently been considering moving off campus. I love living on campus for a few reasons.

It is very convenient. I can wait till the last minute to get to my class. No need to wake up at an ungodly early hour to warm up my car and get to school on time. In between classes I can take a nap if I want to. Which is SO nice. Laundry is free and only a two-minute walk away!

Also campus has some pretty stunning views!
I live in the UAF Cutler apartments. They are apartment style, which means they have a kitchen and you only share the apartment with 3 other people. Having apartment style housing on campus is wonderful because it’s so close to everything and there are less people to deal with.

Here is a side view of one of the many apartments in the Cutler Apartment Complex.
There was a huge social life to be had when I was a first-year student and sophomore. But more of my friends moved off campus to get some separation from their college/work life. To have a place that wasn’t attached directly to school was appealing to them, which I now understand.

I need to make sure that I am making the right and logical choice though, as does anyone who is considering living off or on campus. I am asking myself, what can I afford? The Cutler Apartments are extremely affordable and they come with many perks. Off campus I would possibly have to pay for electric, water, and other utilities separately, which can add up. Can I even get to campus? Right now I share a car with my sister. I was planning on moving in with my boyfriend so I would give up my car. Sharing one car is extremely difficult to coordinate. Living on campus, I don’t have to use my car all that often unless I am going to the store.

Decisions, Decisions...
And then there is the possibility of not liking your roommate's habits after a little bit of time spent in the same house. In my case if that happened it would be terrible. So setting clear rules, chores and sticking to them would be key.

I think living off campus would be relaxing, maybe not for the first month, but once I got settled. And having a place of my own would be nice. Of course I would miss all the nice things about campus housing at UAF but there comes a time when you gotta get out there and try something new. Maybe now is my time!

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