Close Comfort

I always take a minimum of 15 credits every semester in order to finish in four years. This means I'm taking five classes a semester. So to my enjoyment I know someone in every one of my classes this semester! This seems to happen a lot, especially because the art department is small.

In my art classes I have had the chance to see other students that I've taken other classes with. Same thing with American Sign Language 3, since it's the third class you'll see someone that you've taken the previous classes with.

I did get two fun surprises. The first happened in Women and Gender Studies. I was sitting in the class early and I saw #UAFAmbassadorRaven walk in. It was nice because I was able to drive her home after class. It's a longer 3 hour (once a week) class that ends at 8:50 so it's nice sharing the class with someone you know so you can chat with; especially during the first break halfway through.

The second was in my online Consumer Business class. How could I possibly "see" someone I know in an online class? Well, in this class we are supposed to introduce ourselves the first week in a discussion board. We could upload a photo of ourselves (optional). What do you know but I saw #UAFAmbassdorAlina posting too! It's nice because we can share the textbook and talk about the chapters together. That's the great thing about having two ambassadors with Marketing minors. #WhenArtMeetsFisheries

I think that that's the great part of going to a small regionally accredited university like UAF. Not only do students get the benefit of getting a degree that is nationally recognized, but we can also know other students. I feel like if I had gone to a big college with a lot of students I'd feel lost in the crowd and that I'd never see my friends. Here I see my friends everyday.

Speaking of, I also see my friends a lot on my social media! Follow me:
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