7 Habits of Highly Effective Nanooks

1:  Are Inspired
      The students at UAF that are the most successful find reasons to be inspired by the many events, services and activities that the Fairbanks community has to offer.  UAF students that thrive and do well here are inspired by their education, inspired by their dreams. Perhaps this is why we love to say #naturallyinspiring at UAF.

2:  Begin With The Cold In Mind
   As I'm sure you are well aware UAF gets extremely cold in the winter, Nanooks that are on top of their game dress accordingly, enjoy a warm cup of hot cocoa from The Arctic Java, and wear their winter boots, scarves, gloves, and snow-pants with pride!

3:  Education Comes First
   UAF students that realize this are successful because they make their education a priority. It can be hard to juggle your time during college with the many activities and social events to take part in. Sometimes your job can get in the way, but in the end of the day the most successful Nanooks value their education and do their best to make the most of it.

4: Think Outside The Box
  UAF students that hone in on this habit, expand their knowledge by jumping out of their comfort zones and expanding their horizons.

5:  Seek First to Adapt, Then Get Involved
  College can take some time to adapt to, but the most successful Nanooks take time to adapt to their new community, and their new class schedule. Once they have figured out their priorities they look for places where they can meet new people and explore their interests.

6: Know When To Ask For Help
  Sometimes we all have a rough day, thankfully UAF has an amazing health and counseling center. Nanooks that are successful know when to get help when they are struggling. UAF also has tutoring centers and peer mentors to help. There is no shame is asking for help. It's a courageous thing to do!

7: Inspire Others
   The best Nanooks give back to the UAF community by inspiring other students to be involved and engaged in their studies. There is nothing more awesome than having a community of people who share the same goals of graduating.

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