Want to Graduate with Leadership Distinction/Honors?

Professional development is something that I've really invested time in since I've been at UAF. The UAF Leadership, Involvement and Volunteer Experience Office facilitates a program called C.O.L.D

"COLD stands for Co-curricular, Opportunities for Leadership Development and this program allows students to develop as well as enhance their leadership skills and abilities while participating in campus life at UAF."

I am currently on track to complete the C.O.L.D program and graduate with the C.O.L.D certificate. This program has really helped me hone my involvement in a way that has prolonged my happiness and success during my time at UAF.  The requirements of the program are flexible and the opportunities that are provided to achieve some of the requirements are nearly endless. Whether you are a first year student or a senior at UAF, COLD is a program that will truly benefit you in the long run.

After all how many people can say they've "graduated with leadership distinction"

After you have completed all three levels of the COLD program you will be eligible to graduate with leadership honors/distinction.  

More so than ever employers are looking for employees with leadership and real world experience the COLD program is an amazing way to keep track of your involvement while at UAF.  Don't be like some people who wait until the end of their college career and then try to remember all of the things they were involved in.  To all of the seniors who haven't heard about COLD It's not too late to sign up and complete it before you graduate! 

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