The Pooping Parrot Fish

Is anyone aware of the Hawaiian name for "loose bowels"?
If you're not, do not fret because I am aware of it.
It is "uhu."
Uhu=loose bowels.
Uhu is also the Hawaiian name of the Parrot Fish.

The Parrot Fish is amazing. It's hard to decide which part of its' anatomy and life is most exciting.

Parrot Fish live in the tropical oceans of the world, spending 90% of their days grinding away the algae from coral reefs with their beaks. Parrot fish are actually the superheroes of the coral reefs: eating the very algae that suffocates coral from the sunlight they need to live.

And because they do not have stomachs, the coral passes right through their intestines and out their backsides; turning into the sand on which we frolic on the beaches. (Like HAWAII- where I will be in a week! Woohoo!) Larger parrot fish can produce up to 840 pounds of sand per year, per fish. Wow! In the Maldives Islands for example, roughly 85% of the white sand beaches owes its gratitude to the poop of a Parrot fish.

Picture: Parrot Fish pooping sand

Parrot fish are also remarkable in that they can change their gender various times throughout their lives. Some parrot fish males even have harems of lady parrot fish; and when the male dies, one of the females will change its gender and colors and take the harem leader's place. When young females join into a school, the largest female becomes a male and takes over the school. However, when breeding, some sneaky parrot fish disguise themselves as the opposite sex to breed more offspring.
Now, I'm not a fisheries major but I don't find it difficult to appreciate the Parrot fish and all it has to offer.

At night, the parrot fish secretes a mucous bubble around themselves to protect them from predators. Especially because they are very heavy sleepers- even with biologists shining light in their faces to wake them up. In the morning, when the parrot fish arise, they eat their mucous bubble and swim on with their day.
Image result for parrotfish snot bubble

Image result for parrotfish snot bubble

If any of you are country music fans, Dierks Bently has a song called "Somewhere on a Beach"... It's too bad he didn't pay any homage to the beach of parrot poop he was dreaming of.

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