Surviving Fairbanks in the Cold!

Surviving Fairbanks in the Cold!

This past week has been a culture shock for those living in Fairbanks for the first time. It’s been a very warm winter thus far but yesterday was -31 degrees Fahrenheit, and people ran from class to class while shivering. Here are a few tips to survive in the cold!

1. Drink lots of water!

It's incredibly dry in Fairbanks, so it's important to drink lots of water! You can get dehydrated very easily! I suggest buying a water bottle so you don't spend money on water or have to get up from class and go to the drinking fountain.   

2. Plug in your car

(photo credit of Kal Tire)

People in Fairbanks plug their car in at 20 degrees and below because it protects the engine and keep oil from freezing.

3. Don't forget your gloves!

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Gloves are crucial because opening metal doors can burn your hands! A lot of heat comes from your hands, feet, head and armpits. 

4. Bring hot coffee or tea to go

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I love having a hot drink to go, it makes the cold much more enjoyable!

5. Buy good quality winter boots!

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I wear these boots almost every day in the winter! They are incredibility warm and grip on the ice and snow so you don't fall.

6. No shave November may turn into no shave winter!

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I'm not joking about this, many guys grew beards in the winter just to keep warm! They also want to look manly and cool of course.

7. Beanie's are very crucial 

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I wear beanie's to school almost every day. If you have a messy hair day, who cares?!

8. Eat more than usual 

I keep almonds in my backpack in case I get hungry, being hangry is not fun for anyone! Living in the cold burns up more calories. 

9. Big puffy coats are life saving

I wish I had Macklemore's coat to wear, unfortunately I just had a typical puffy coat! 

10. Take Vitamin D

Some people rent out "happy lights" because the lack of sun and vitamin D. I suggest taking vitamin D every day because I notice if I don't, I become more grumpy and irritated. My boyfriend forces me to take some like the sweet man he is! 

11. Wear multiple leggings to school 

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Yup, rocking two leggings right now! You may be a little hot inside, but I swear it's worth it when you're walking to class! You don't want the cold burning your legs! 

12. Blow dry your hair 

Image result for hair is frozen

You don't want to look like this guy! Man or women, blow dry your hair after you take a shower! Your hair will freeze in negative 30 and it's a weird feeling!

13. Don't forget any liquids in your car overnight! 

Image result for frozen shampoo and conditioner

If you leave your shampoo or conditioner in the car overnight, it will freeze! Don't have time to thaw it and take a shower? See number 7 and wear a beanie! 

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