Student Course Evaluation

As the end of the semester fast approaches there are certain things students are expected to do.

 We freak out.

Start questioning our purpose in life...

We probably cry.

Turn in the last of our assignments.

Study, Study, Study.

And complete the Student Course Evaluations.

Now, I know that Student Course Evaluations don't sound nearly as fun or as exciting as the dancing Tyrion Lannister above might suggest, but, like everything in life, it can be! This is your chance as a student to tell your professors how much you liked the course, what you got from it and how they can improve. And even on the opposite end of the spectrum you can tell your professors how they can improve their course, tell them things that you didn't particularly like, because chances are if there is a major fault in their teaching style you are likely not the only one who has noticed. It's a lot more powerful to have multiple student's opinions than just one who has actually taken the time to complete the evaluation fully. Go figure, right? 

I can tell you from experience how frustrating it was for me one semester when I was HIGHLY disappointed with a course I had taken, one that I was initially extremely excited for, and I forgot to give my evaluation. I still kick myself today for not filling it out, and that happened over a year ago. I know my one evaluation may not have necessarily made a whole lot of difference for this specific professor but I think my input may have been valuable and if not, well, it would at least have been a bit cathartic. 

And that's not to say that you can only purge your negative emotions about a class via evaluation. Compliments are often awkward, especially when you're giving them to a professor. So it's also a chance to let a professor know that he or she is flipping killing it in their class! Because if we don't tell them, how are they going to know? 

A large portion of your professors are going to want this feedback. They'll remind you a couple of times (as of 2015 the evaluations are now online instead of hard copies) and they'll tell you that they want that feedback so that they can improve or keep doing what they're doing because it is working. 

My point is, as students we might not feel that we have many avenues in which we can express what we want in the classroom, but we do, and this is one way to voice that opinion in a constructive way. We as students have a lot of power as to what goes on here on campus, so let's use that power to make UAF even better for future students. 

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