Student Ambassador Reflection

My time as a student ambassador has been an enlightening one. On multiple occasions, I’ve seen students that I had once given a tour to that are now attending UAF. During Inside Out I feel like a superhero because I get to share my experiences with prospective students, and that’s the best part. I love being student ambassador because of the spontaneous events that come out of nowhere it always keeps me on my feet.

I also enjoy the amount of diversity I can experience; I haven’t given a tour that has been the same every single time. As a UAF Student Ambassador, I have learned a lot about myself and my comfortability levels when speaking to a large group of moving people; I feel that this skill that I’ve developed will help me teach others coming into the new program how to do it effectively.

As a member of the Ambassador student team, I take great pride in the fact that I’m serving with some of the best students that UAF has to offer. I’ve met some amazing people and I hope that I have opportunities to connect with the other ambassadors through the rest of my time here at UAF. I love being an ambassador because I love making people smile, and when people come to UAF, I want to make them feel welcome and overjoyed to be here.

The best part, in my opinion, is when a young man or woman asks me for advice or about how I’ve succeeded at UAF. I love to inspire others, and the student ambassador program has served as a medium to progress me further in my “Naturally Inspiring” skills.  I’ve expanded significantly on my teamwork skills, leadership skills, and most importantly I’ve become the best Nanook I can be by being of service to prospective Nanooks of all ages. Our community loves UAF. It’s not just about recruiting, It’s about community service and genuine human connection. I will never forget being  in the Nook Suit in front of the Ice Arch giving that young boy a hug. I hope that boy never forgets that day, and perhaps one day when he graduates from UAF, he will remember that moment.

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