Let's face it. If you were/are a high school senior you probably experienced or are currently experiencing what I like to call "Senioritis" I would define senioritis as a state of worry, regarding where you are going to end up, what school you are going to pick, what job you are going to get and a multitude of other things. The crazy thing is, that in a sense, being a college senior is similar to being a high school senior in that the worries aren't so different.

College Senioritis:

Do I go to grad school or do I immediately jump into the work force or both?

Do I take a gap year to travel and refresh from four years of schooling?

What are my priorities?

What about my friends?

Do I want to move?

A lot of these same questions are the same I faced as a high school senior. If I could go back in time during my senior year of high school I would. There are a lot of things that I could have done to reduce my high level of senioritis.  My biggest mistake as a high school year was viewing my senior year as a time to slack-off! DO NOT SLACK OFF DURING YOUR SENIOR YEAR! Take challenging courses during your senior year, explore scholarship essays, take time to properly prepare your college applications. Create a senior year checklist and reward yourself after you complete these things.

Make the best use of your senior year to jump start you into college! Don't end up like this guy!

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