Open Letter to Senioritis Sufferers

You've been in school for a while now. You're getting tired and the holidays are near.

I totally get it. You don't have to be a senior to get senioritis. Everyone does at some point. I've definitely had those moments. School is a roller coaster. Not everyone succeeds every time.

That doesn't mean you should quit doing schoolwork or loose heart. Here are some ways to get through:

Let yourself laugh sometimes. Don't let the stress overtake you. 

You're paying for it, why not actually get the best band for your buck.

"It's temporary but it's a lot more temporary if you get it done now rather than later."- Shay

Excitement of breaks- Although it takes some people longer than others to get excited.

"Turning in B quality paper on time and getting a B is a lot better than turning in A quality work late and getting a 0."- A word of wisdom from my dad that got me through high school and college so far.
But don't let that grade keep you down. Move on and get help to improve for next time.

Sometimes you have to play one of your favorite movies to study with while playing in the background. (Can you guess my favorite study movie?)

Don't forget if you stick together you'll make it through! 

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