Holiday Decorating

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Last week, a couple Ambassadors and our friends went to the local pioneer home to deck their halls with holiday cheer. It was sponsored by the LIVE (Leadership, Involvement, and Volunteer Experience) Office, and we had a mighty swell time! Check us out!

It got me thinking: I haven't decorated a tree in centuries. (Okay, more like five years, but still –– that's too long!) Putting ornaments, lights, and garlands around the tree gave me a rush of nostalgia. I thought about my family probably –– if not already! –– finishing up the Christmas tree at home. 

We had good conversation, struggled with the fluffing the tree, suffered through a disc that kept repeating the first twenty seconds of a Christmas ballad, talked with some of the pioneer home residents, and polka'ed to squeeze box music practice. Shucks. I do and did miss my family. But hey, I have my own here at UAF.

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