Emergency Bathroom Run

Okay. Let me tell y'all a story about this video.

On Friday night, I chilled out with my roommate watching a phenomenal movie called Whiplash. I had a bowl of rice mixed with corned beef and eggs (comfort, lazy food –– don't judge me!) and a healthy jug of water. The night ended just like any night: crawling into my bed, covering myself (except my feet) with three comforters, checking my Facebook for any stray notifications that needed some tending to, and dreaming about more verdant pastures and bluer oases.

My cellphone went off as usual, at the 6 am alarm. Then all of a sudden, a distressing series of knocks came at my door. Why in the world would someone wake me from my beauty sleep? I got disgruntled, of course, because it was Saturday and no one wants to be woken up on a Saturday, unless they had to. My roommate was standing outside my door, and said "Hey, it's almost 9 am. Also the water is out." What a load of crockpot nonsense, I thought. My alarm just went off, and I used the bathroom last night. 

I checked my phone, and yes it was almost 9am. Apparently, I had one of those fleeting, matrix-defying, wrinkle-in-time sleeps. I could've sworn my alarm just went off. Next, I went to the bathroom and flushed the porcelain throne. Flushed just fine, but no water came returning. Turned on the sink, and – voila! – nothing. 

And my whole house had no water. According to our property manager, the pipes froze. (Crazy Alaska!) The surprising thing is that the water disappeared all of a sudden! It was working the night before! I had to stop and ask myself a slurry of questions: What do I have to do today? A lot. Do I need water? Yes. Do you need to scream? Plenty, yes. Do you have a Christmas party that you are invited to –– to cook, to attend, and to look fashionable? No more questions, please. Call me #firstworldproblems, and you would've been right. 

I did have to adjust, yes. Here's what I ended up doing, just to survive the day:
  • Went to campus to use one of the communal showers –– free of charge, at the Wood Center. (That was the first time I did that!)
  • Purchased five jugs of water for cooking, drinking, and cleaning. Made spinach and artichoke cheese dip with minimal amount of water. 
  • Still #slayed at the party, wearing a soft green-plaid button up under a red V-neck sweater. 
  • Did the dishes with minimal amount of water. (I've done dry-cabin dishes before. I knew how to do this.)
I was so proud of myself. It's the little things, you know. The little things that make you realize your accomplishments. The little things that make you realize how much you rely on things. The little things that make everything be better than before. Day two is today. I'm struggling, but hey –– isn't that the point? #ineedashower

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