Chi Alpha and UAF

When I came to UAF I was in search of a community, a group of friends that I could walk through college, through life with. I didn’t necessarily know that I was in search for this when I first arrived but something was pulling on my heartstrings and eventually I found the group I was unknowingly looking for, Chi Alpha. Funny how the universe works. 
Chi Alpha is a Campus Christian fellowship that started in the fall 2014. Four families from Texas, of all places, felt called to Alaska to build a community of friendship, love and the Word of God. They have touched the hearts of over 200 students on campus and are continuing to spread the love everyday.

I first came to Chi Alpha the second semester of my first year at UAF. A friend of mine had invited me a couple times before, but I had declined. I had thought that this sort of thing was not my cup of tea. But I eventually came around and decided to see what was different about all these people. At the time, only about 20 students were attending. From the moment I walked into that classroom where they were holding the service, to the time I left, I felt the love and kindness they were spreading and it was so contagious! I found what I was searching for, or better yet, what was searching for me. So I joined a small group and my journey started!
Chi Alpha walked with me in my journey to find God and it became my family away from home. We do fun events like the Chili Cook-off and line dancing. Capture the flag is probably our most popular event. We throw socks filled with flour at each other and try to steal these enormous flags from the other team. Usually this event happens at nighttime, which makes it even more fun (during fall or spring of course). Missions are another thing we do as a group. Last year we went to Camp Hope in Bethel and Utqiagvik, Alaska and to Laos! I was apart of the team that went to Laos and it was life changing! (More on Laos to come...)

This was the sign we posted around campus, it got a lot of laughs!

One of our largest events is Break Away. Both the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) and UAF Chi Alphas get together for the weekend at a camp, usually in Wasilla, Alaska. There is capture the flag, ultimate Frisbee, and most importantly, breakout sessions where we learn about God’s word. Friends are made and a great time is had with a community that is accepting and loving.

This is the group that went to Break Away this year at the beginning of the semester.

When I first arrived at UAF I was genuinely worried that finding friends would be terribly difficult but, boy was I wrong. UAF, not just Chi Alpha, is such a welcoming school. It seems like everyone has a great attitude and always says "Hi!".  I thought, with it being dark here all the time that people would be grouchy and uninviting. Don’t get me wrong, there are always the grumpy types of people everywhere, but there isn’t much at UAF.  I hope that people realize that UAF, even though small, has a huge heart for it’s students and there is plenty of it to go around.

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