Being Thankful for the Past, Present, and Future.

Last summer, my parents sold the house I grew up in. They rented a basement apartment across town until my dad retired in August. They then packed up a U-Haul and moved to Missouri with my pup. Throughout my childhood, we always spent the holidays with the cousins out in Moose Creek. They'd have us over for Easter, we'd have them over for Thanksgiving, then Christmas would be back at their house, and so on, alternating each time. Now that my parents are gone, the tradition of spending the holidays with family was a toned down version. I still went to my aunt and uncle's place, got to see all the cousins, and even got to spend my first holiday with my newly-wed brother's wife Lizzy. It just felt weird because my parents weren't there. It's also weird knowing that I'll never spend another holiday in my old house. I lived there for just shy of two decades; who knows how long it'll be before I can say that about another house.

Some people's families put a huge emphasis on the turkey of Thanksgiving feasts. Others have an intricate cranberry dish or fabulous stuffing recipe. While my dinner had all the usual turkey day treats like stuffing, black olives, cranberry sauce, green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, and dinner rolls, the real emphasis was on the corn. My mom has a cheesy corn recipe that involves cream cheese, butter,  and milk. It's sort of runny like creamed corn, sort of gooey like mac n cheese, but not quite the same texture as either of those. I adore this method of making corn and ate it almost weekly for much of my growing up. I thought I would have to visit my parents in Missouri if I wanted to taste that cheesy goodness again. The best moment of this year's Thanksgiving was when my aunt said that she got the recipe from my mom and made some! So even though my parents were thousands of miles away this year, Thanksgiving still felt like home.

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