Back from Break… Wanting to be on Break

Well we are all back from Thanksgiving break, all stuffed with that wonderful home cooked food and wishing we were still at home, relaxing and not doing homework. But this is the time to buckle up and start studying because finals are in roughly 2 weeks!

Now is not the time to slack, so make a schedule for studying, go to the review sessions, do anything and every thing to boost your grade while you can. Just push for these next two weeks and then you’ll have all winter break to relax.

This, I realize, is a pep talk to myself because it is taking all of my will power to do any homework or any studying. I just wanted Thanksgiving to last a lifetime because the thought of going back to homework and the grind was suffocating. What I should have done was finish all my tedious homework before break had started; I would have had a much easier time coming back. So guys, remember that pain only lasts for a minute, the success lasts for a lifetime and outweighs the pain.

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