Baby it's Cold Outside... What are we going to do?

So for the past few days we have had a cold snap! It has been averaging -20 to -30. Woo hoo! I think the cold snaps can be exciting and fun. I’m walking to class and my eyelashes are freezing over! So interesting! But it can be difficult to do things outside, like sled or build a snowman (Fairbanks snow is usually too dry to build a snowman but I have done it once…). So, here are some fun things to get away from studying for a bit.

1. Go to the movies!
UAF is about a 10 minute drive from Fairbank’s only theater, Regal Cinemas. It’s not as big as say some in the lower 48 or as the one in Anchorage but still; it works perfectly. I watched the newest Star Wars in that theater and the Revenant. Both experiences were fantastic. UAF also sells cheaper tickets at the wood center front desk on campus!

2.Chena Hot Springs
Chena Hot Springs is a wonderful place about an hour away from campus. I suggest going on a day that it is cold out, like -30! Because your hair will freeze into icicles!

3. You can always stay on campus!
Resident Assistants often have programs that you can get involved in. One weekend my RA held a program to make door stops, still have mine to this day and that was 2 years ago.

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