A Very Puppy Summer: Nyyrikki Kennel

You may or may not have clicked this post because you saw my video in correlation to this blog, if you have not  and you are interested in viewing the link which contains three minutes of puppy cuteness it is available at your leisure here.
This past summer I spent the majority of my time documenting the births and lives of six energetic black and white puppies and their parents Athena and Apollo and I have to say it was a heartwarming adventure. Usually I spend my summers gardening, bike riding and picking berries but that was hastily put on hold as I was eager to be a prominent part in the development and growth of different form of life that I had yet to experience. I was still able to spend my summer around town and I did do a bit of mushroom hunting, however with my bike in hand I was faced with a dilemma: Where do I put the puppy? I went as far as googling a few cool baskets that I could attach to my bike that would make me and my puppy of that day an unbreakable pair. I didn't end up getting a basket (and don't worry I didn't end up carrying them in a bag or anything) I just decided to tune into the 21st century and use a car but, next summer, I just might need the basket.

The days were filled with mischief, comedy and a tremendous amount of observation on my part as I was able to engage with a family that is an extension of my own in such a intimate manner. If you are an animal lover you could probably imagine exactly how much of my time I spent in the grass letting their tiny furry bodies use me as a stepping stool. I also became an Indiana Jones of sorts, but maybe like a backyard Alaska version because everywhere I turned there was a hole in the ground that I needed to avoid tripping into.Then there was a shameless puppy or a few who had just finished digging that hole waiting and watching my demise. Okay maybe not, but there were a good amount of holes to be refilled.
During my documentation I also developed a small website for our family run business Nyyrikki Kennel. I decided that the thousands of photos that I had taken needed to be displayed somewhere other than my laptop, where I would often sit down and look at just how many cool shots I got in those very small and unforgettable moments. As a photographer this experience also helped me determine a few other things: I'm interested in videography and I would love to learn more and maybe I enjoy photographing nonhuman animals more. How can we compete with that fur? I don't think that I can ever forget how cool it was that I willingly became a teething ring and it was the greatest experience of my life up to date.

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