21st Birthday in Fairbanks

I turned 21 this week! Woo hoo! On my birthday, my boyfriend and I went to the recreational skate time at the UAF Patty Ice Arena just down the hill from the first-year student dorm Moore-Barttlet-Skarland (MBS). As students of UAF we could rent skates for free! Isn’t that awesome!? We had the whole rink to ourselves the first 30 minutes we got there and we had a lot of fun. We were going to go skate on the outdoor rink but it was -10 degrees out and I was not wearing the appropriate winter gear. If I had had an actual hat on and some nice gloves I would have totally gone outside!
Picture of the nice view on our way down to the rink.
Looks pretty but it was also sooooo cold!

Anyways it was a great start to my evening. Now time to go out with the parents and have an amazing dinner!

If you all want anymore information on the ice rink of the Patty Center and what UAF has to offer for recreational activities please visit this webpage: https://www.uaf.edu/draw/src/

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