Working Hard and Hardly Working... Not Quite

I am a busy student. Yes I know, it feels like that for every student, but I can legitimately say I am busy. I am taking 15 credits, which means I'm either in a class 19 hours a week (art students are in class longer than credits earned because of the extra hours for studio time). I work as a Student Ambassador 6-10 hours a week, and I work at my other job 20-30 hours a week, depending on the sales time of year. Plus if you add in the fact I have study groups, family, and friends that I like to check in with, how do I survive?

Being efficient with time- I'm not saying that I'm perfect, in fact, I am a procrastinator.

However, I have learned how to buckle down when needed. It's something I'll always be working on, but I definitely feel like I've been getting better at.

Using time with friends and family as passive homework time- Since I'm an art major with a digital art focus, I've got a lot of time that I'm sitting coloring or cutting videos. I multi-task and also spend time with them. This is especially good if they also have homework that they need to do, but want to spend time together. Sometimes during stressful times in the semester, just having another person there that's also stressing/studying is important.

WARNING- Only try this technique if you can multi-task. If not you're doing more harm than good, like this polar bear try to get the stick...

It's also key to note that some weeks you'll be better at multi-tasking than others, so if you think you need to be only to do your homework, your friends will understand.

Enjoying work- I enjoy my jobs. Yes, sometimes I can get stressed out with both, but for the most part even when I'm busy and it's crazy I enjoy my jobs.I think that that's important. Not that you can always find a job that you think you'll love, but finding ways to enjoy your job can really help to get you through the week.

Learning that sometimes taking a break from homework to sleep is better- The quality of writing papers after a certain time of night can start degrading quickly. Sometimes getting some shut eye can lead to a better paper in general.

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