Why I Chose My Majors

Choosing a major in college can be hard.  There are so many great subjects to choose from. When I first started college I was interested in Culinary.  I had already taken culinary classes for a year before that so I already had credits in that field. After my first semester I decided that Culinary was more of a hobby.
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I then changed my major to Psychology.  I chose Psychology because I have always liked to help others.  Learning how people think and why they think that way has always been interesting to me. I have heard from others that Psychology classes are really hard, but for me they are some of the easiest classes I've taken.

When I was back at my old college I took an environmental biology class and I was really interested in it.  My teacher was super enthusiastic and passionate about what he was teaching which made me super enthusiastic about it.  Because of this, when I changed schools I wanted to take some classes in some type of environmental field.  The best degree program for this at UAF was Natural Resources Management. I started taking some classes in NRM and really enjoyed them.  Now I am double majoring in Psychology and NRM. 

water nature sun alone windDouble majoring is a lot of work but if you are really interested in two things it is definitely the way to go.  Whenever I tell someone about my two majors they say that they are completely different things.  Although they do seem completely different at first, they can actually be connected in many different ways.  I am glad that I ended up choosing both of these majors.

My advice to you is to find something you would love to do.  If your interests change, don't be afraid to change majors!  It is better to change your mind while in school than after you graduate and are working at a job you hate. 

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