What is there to do on campus?

Sometimes you need a break from school and studying.  Here are some fun things that there are to do on campus.

1. Get coffee
Sorority Noise coffee

2. Go bowling
fail win bowl bowling strike

3. Go to the arcade
Daniyal Razi arcade video games punk frustrated

4.  Go for a hike
James Curran hollywood los angeles hiking hike

5.  Special events
There are all kinds of events on campus, including open mic nights, karaoke, and dances
Domino Recording Co. singing microphone the last shadow puppets is this what you wanted mv

6.  Play ping pong or pool
Cheezburger ping pong pingpong cat table

7.  Go aurora viewing
landscape aurora borealis northern lights

8.  Go to a Nanook Tradition
These include Springfest, Starvation Gulch, and Winter Carnival
fire rihanna eminem love the way you lie

9.  Check out a movie or book from the library
Caroline Huber 90s cartoons arthur nerd

10.  Hang out with friends
friends happy dance matthew perry chandler victory dance

11. Visit the reindeer farm
reindeer the santa clause

12. Visit the museum
It's free for students!
Image result for uaf museum

13. Visit the large animal research station
Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet nat geo wild yukon vet dr oakley muskox

14. Go sledding
dog sledding

15. Go rock climbing at the Student Recreation Center
rock year climbing month

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