What is there to do off campus?

Although there are a lot of things to keep you busy on campus, there are tons more things to do around town.

1. Go out to eat
happy food cartoons & comics eating hungry

2. Go to the ice museum
Make sure to bring a jacket!

3. Go skiing or snowboarding
Red Bull snowboarding snowboard

4. Go to the movies
A24 movie theater jason segal end of the tour david foster wallace

5. Go for a drive
Even if you just drive a few minutes out of town, the views are amazing
film driving windy road trip dustin hoffman

7. Go dog sledding
dog minnesota sledding

8. Go to Pioneer Park
Image result for pioneer park

10. Visit Santa in North Pole
Image result for north pole santa house

11. Go camping
animated south park token black craig tucker camping

12. Go hiking
Black Market nature hiking hike

13. Visit Denali
It's the tallest mountain in North America!
Image result for denali

14. Go gold panning
There are a few places around town that allow you to try this
Image result for gold panning

15. Visit the animal shelter
Even if you are not looking to adopt, there are lots of animals that could use someone to hangout with for a little while
game dogs petting

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