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As a student ambassadors, one of our principle tasks is to help paint an authentic picture for prospective students of what it is like to be a student here at UAF. But it goes deeper than our experiences at UAF, we are giving our real experiences, not only as Nanooks but also as students who are living vastly different kinds of lives. There is no ONE way to experience life at college,or life in general. Capturing our unique experiences so that we can share them is done a couple ways. We blog and we vlog.

We make videos for your viewing pleasure as a way to give a more clear picture of our lives that we can't necessarily communicate fully through a blog. Vlogging (or video blogging) is very new to me. Sure, I've subscribed to a couple channels, some of which have vlogs but I didn't anticipate the hurdles I would run into when faced with vlogging. I figured a good way to marry the two mediums would be to write a BLOG about the challenges I've faced as a first time vlogger.
So here they are, the main issues I've encountered on this new adventure with vlogging!
  1. Talking... who am I talking to? I have no problem talking with most people once I'm comfortable around them. I don't know who is going to end up watching these videos nor do I know if they are going to understand my sense of humor and what not. There is something about a camera that is just intimidating, maybe it's that there are no responses so you have no idea if you're jokes are landing or if you're rambling on too much.
  2. Where do I look? Do I look directly into the camera lens? Do I stare off into the distance with the wind ruffling my hair, pondering life? I just don't know. Some times vlogging with another person there can help, as it distracts you from the intimidation of the camera lens.
  3. What am I doing with my hands? I am a big supporter and participator in talking with my
    hands, using big, exaggerated motions to express and emphasize the points I make while speaking. When I have my phone in one hand with the camera pointed at my face or at some other interesting thing it is awfully limiting and leaves the other hand alone and confused as to what to do without it's partner in exaggeration. And when I have to hold something with my other hand... it's a whole new problem. At that point should I rely on a shoulder waggle to help express my woes? Should I use more animated facial expressions, similar to that of Ace Ventura? My face doesn't have that kind of elasticity! 
  4. Editing... editing was, and still sometimes is, the bane of my existence. I struggled for a long time to find and understand the endless world of editing software. If you've read my first blog post, Trials and Tribulations of Wi-Fi in the Modern Age, you'll know that basic technology
    and I have a bit of an estranged relationship. I have downloaded a couple of different editing programs. I bounce from one program to the other depending on the effect I want for a video. There is a lot of  nervousness that comes with sending in a vlog to my boss or ask another person to view it prior to sending. I know that I'm not the next James Cameron or Steven Spielberg but gosh darn it, I HAVE A VISION! I want my videos to be entertaining and enjoyable and I want to be proud of them, and in general I actually am. I know years from now I will probably stumble on them and shake my head while laughing with embarrassment and nostalgia, but right now I am quite content.
I guess to conclude this lengthy blog, I will just say that we cannot control how people are going to react to us, if they'll think that we ramble too much, laugh at our own jokes too much, if they'll be able to see what we see in ourselves. We can't control or even really predict how people are going to see us even when we can proof-read a blog 50 times before posting or edit our awkwardness out of videos. What we DO control is how we feel about ourselves and what we put out into the world, so you better be proud of what you do because you will never please everyone. The best we can do is put our authentic selves out there and enjoy the positivity that comes with that and not let the negativity bring us down.

Stay humble but be proud and thank you all for reading. Please check out and subscribe to our Youtube channel, Nanook Tales, to see student ambassador videos!

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