Undecided? So what.

So you've got your foot in the door, you're attending college and you don't or might not  really have all of the details figured out yet. So what? You made the first few steps, the decision the application, the commitment, the arrival. Those are already huge accomplishments. I know it is a cultural belief that college students are meant to be these very organized successful robotic organisms that have their lives neatly sorted by year but that is definitely not the case, nor should you sweat it if you don't exactly know what you would like to do in terms of your career goals. You aren't the first student to enter into higher education undecided and you definitely won't be the last.
In my personal college journey I started off as undecided which ultimately landed me in the general program. I figured that if I don't have everything mapped out, as a 17 year old I had time and this journey was no one else's but mine to unravel, so why rush. Studying for your general program otherwise known as an associates degree is a good choice because:

  •   You need to take all of those classes regardless of your degree plan so you won't be wasting any time or money.
  • You have some wiggle room. In addition to your core classes there is always room for extra curricular credits, allowing you some time and space to dabble in courses that you may or may not be interested in the long run and what better time to figure out that you don't want to be in a certain field before you even make that decision.
  • You have two entire years to really navigate through yourself, figure out your hearts desire in terms of a career and learn to differentiate between what are your hobbies and what would you like to make your career.
Just to add some extra cushioning to the fact that you may feel unaccomplished and or floating in the wind, here are some facts and figures about being an undeclared student:

  • According to the  National Center for Education Statistics approximately 80 % of college students change their majors during the span of their college career.
  • 20-50% of college students enter as undeclared
  • 79 of UAF's 2016 incoming, first year students were undecided
  • The General Studies program is one of the top five degree programs offered here at UAF, which is why there is an entire academic advising center dedicated to helping students with their transition into a bachelor's degree plan, and stay on track during their two year span.

So relax! You may feel like a fish out of water or out of place amongst your peers when that dreaded "What do you want to be" conversation comes up. Here's a great answer for both yourself and your friends: I honestly don't know, I’m still growing. Remember that that’s okay and completely normal. Maybe being undecided is what might be best for you in the long run and it's not something that you should beat yourself up about.

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