To get a fish or not to get a fish…. I want a fish

To get a fish or not to get a fish…. I want a fish.

I want a fish, probably a betta. I’ve had one before, when I was in middle school. Her name (or his, I don’t really know what it was) was Saphira and she was a bright, vibrant blue. I named her Saphira after the dragon in Eragon…nerdy, I know.

Anyways, I want a fish while I’m in college but I realize that there are some pros and cons to having an animal, even a fish, to take car of on your own. It’s a big responsibility. So, I’m going to go over them with you today.


1. I’ve got a new friend! A companion!
My new fishy friend would be something new and interesting. I could love him to the best of my ability and show him off to anyone who notices. No, he isn’t anything like a dog but still I’m sure they have feelings of love for owners that take good care of them…I would hope.
My first betta looker like this one

2. Excitement in a glass tank!
I could decorate his new home fabulously with shiny marbles and exotic aquatic plants.

3. Small little guy: big attitude

Bettas only need small tanks, which is awesome because I live in a small apartment on campus. Even though it would be small it’s got the heart of a larger fish. Don’t put two bettas together…bad combo.

4. A fish is the only pet you can have in the dorms on campus unless you get a special pass to have a service dog. One of my friends had a betta fish in the dorms for a whole year! He survived transport to the babysitter and Christmas break. His name was Toby.

5. High maintenance? I think not!
All you have to do is feed the little guy every day and clean it’s tank out once a week! Easy-peasy!  


1. Responsibility for someone other than yourself…
 Some would say this is a pro because you are learning how to have responsibility and care for something. But lemme just say, fish are harder than plants.

2. Inability to take it home
I would not be able to take it home for summer break. It would not be able to survive the drive from Fairbanks to Anchorage. Although there are some fish that could… Toby did.

3. They need special water
According to Petco the water for betta fish needs to stay between 72-82°F. Usually they survive longer in clean filtered water. They do not like currents.

4. Unfriendly towards tankmates
Male and female betta fish do NOT get along. Males have a harder time with other types of fish then the females do. Apparently they hate fancy guppies. Who knew!?

5. Free time in college?... PSSSSHHH.
I barely have enough free time to hang out with my human friends. But… maybe I can make some time…

So… should I get one? I think I might not just because of the time issue and my busy brain would probably forget. I have killed a cactus before so maybe getting a fish is not such a bright idea…

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UAFAmbassadorAlexess said...

I say get the fish!!
I got my beta fish from Petco the first week of college my freshman year (last year!).
Henry is still alive and well, and has survived pet sitters and winter breaks alone.
If you need any tips call Aunty Alexess and she can help.

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