It is almost the time of year again for Thanksgiving! Time for giving thanks for everything that has happened this year, as well as catching up with family and friends. The biggest problem here in Alaska, especially being at UAF, is that we are very isolated, and it would take forever to get home. So if you are like me, you do not want to spend two days traveling for a 4 day weekend, that is way too much stress added onto the end of the semester.

Here are some nice tips on what you can do if you are away from home this Thanksgiving.

Go to dinner with friends

Most likely most of your friends will be out of their comfort zone as well for Thanksgiving, being far away from home for the holidays is never easy, so get a big group together and go eat some delicious food from one of the many restaurants that we have here in Fairbanks.

Have a "Friendsgiving"

This may sound very similar to what was stated above, but with this one you guys all come together and cook a meal with each other. While this may sound difficult in the dorms, that is not always the case. Spread out the time that you will be cooking everything - make what can be made early and set in the fridge before you make anything else. Or if one of your friends lives off campus, then you can each bring a dish and enjoy a nice home-cooked family meal off campus with your friends.

Have Thanksgiving with a friend's family

If you have a friend whose family lives up here, then it is highly likely that you will be invited to their house. That is what I did last year for Thanksgiving, and we probably will end up doing that again. That way you can enjoy a big meal (you may end up like me and end up getting roped into helping cook all day) and you get time to relax and watch the football game.

No matter what you end up doing this Thanksgiving, make sure to call your parents. This is the holiday season and you are away from them, so this will be just as weird for them as it is for you.


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