Growing up in Fairbanks, I definitely developed a unique attitude towards fall/winter. Seeing the northern lights is a common thing, I'm not too afraid of being confronted by a thousand pound moose, and autumn only lasts but a few weeks. I grew up used to the idea of walking to and from school in the dark all winter. I grew up having to plug the car in just so it'll start when it gets cold. I grew up having to design Halloween costumes to go over snow suits and boots because you knew there would be snow on the ground.

This last week was Halloween. It was a spooky time around campus. Because this year Halloween was on a Monday, it was actually celebrated the whole weekend. For the few days proceeding the holiday, you could find dinosaurs, fairies, pirates, knights, angels, Freddy Krueger, and other creepy things all over campus. There were fun activities going on at the Wood Center, the dorms halls, and office buildings. The Admissions office had a costume pot luck party in the lobby Signer's hall for a few minutes before getting back to work. Most everyone in our office dressed as our favorite literary characters.

I noticed some common costume components you can expect to see each year, like wigs, capes, and makeup. But I also noticed there were a lot of onesies this year. I wore a ninja turtle onesie with an orange bandanna (but was late for the group pic), there were a few superheroes, and I saw a few leopard print onesies on people also donning face paint whiskers throughout the day. Sometimes in college you need to dress up nicely for a presentation, and others you can get away with wearing a onesie all day and stay nice and cozy. All of this goes to show that just because you're an adult now and are in college, you certainly don't have to stop having fun and enjoying the festivities around the holidays. Keep being spooky!

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