Sledding at UAF

During my time here at UAF, I have found at least five supreme sledding spots to hit after a long day of studying, work, and other (sometimes draining) shenanigans.

It has also been extremely warm this winter (for an Alaskan at least) that I cannot imagine a better time to hit the slopes. It has rarely even hit below zero this year. Which is why (as great as it is to work out in the gym) it is even better getting quality exercise in the great outdoors. The only items really needed for sledding is the sled of course; which can be checked out from certain dorms in the MBS complex. If you're in a pinch, a couple of pieces of durable cardboard will work. You'll also need outdoor gear and - last but not least- a cheeky smile.

Truthfully, UAF is a unique school in that I have seen people sledding in minion suits, without jackets, on their own jackets on the way to class, at the student recreation center, and on their faces after a big jump. So if you are feeling stressed, sad, or just plain adventurous, Ambassador Alexess would wisely recommend finding a hill and whatever items you need for sledding, and to go outside and do it.

Above: UAF students sledding in February (one of our chilliest months!)

A day school that was cancelled found many joyful students on the UAF sledding hill.
Image result for uaf sledding hill
(photo courtesy of UAF Sun Star)

Happy Sledding!

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