Situations Where Coffee is a Must Have

Coffee is a college student's best friend. That being said I can easily drink atleast 2 cups a day, and even more when I am actually busy having to pull an all nighter studying. Here are a few times that we always will need more coffee to survive the day.

1. Morning classes

Coffee is literally the only way you are able to stay awake during those 8 am classes.

2. Class Presentations

You drink coffee before you have to give your presentation and then you have to drink even more to stay awake for everyone else's presentation.

3. Hanging out with friends or First dates

Having a coffee date is the best of both worlds, you get coffee and you get to hang out with the person you are there with.

4. Early meetings... or late ones

If you are having to have a meeting, its probably important, so might as well have a cup to make it through the meeting.

5. All-nighters

This one is a given. You need to be able to stay awake to study for that big exam tomorrow or the essay that you pushed off until the last minute.

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