Night Hikes

Last weekend a few friends and I went hiking out behind our cabins. In the summer there's a swampy area just through the trees past our driveway where there's a small, shallow pond. Right now it's completely frozen and blanketed in snow. That made it real easy to  Winding down a few trails through the brush we found our way to the middle of the white pond and cleared a spot for a fire. 

Dressed warmly and armed with a hatchet and a lighter, we gather small branches from the surrounding tree line, though much of it was covered with frost. We tried lighting small spruce twigs and using that flame to get larger branches going, but we forgot to bring the paper and cardboard we'd set aside. This made thawing the frozen branches a more difficult task in the -20° darkness. After a few attempts we called it a night and went back to our cabins. 

Tonight our plan is to go back out and this time bring enough paper for a bonfire. I have a cardboard box filled with paper and cardboard trash I've been saving this last week just for this purpose. We'll bring some dry wood and headlamps because now the moon isn't quite as helpful illumination-wise as it was last week. Yesterday, I even stopped by Fred Meyer's and grabbed some foot warmers. Being prepared is one of the best ways to achieve success in anything you do. Even if you aren't as prepared as you need to be, you should at least be able to learn from past mistakes and make the next time better. 

Thank you to Google Earth for the 3D renderings of the swampy area. Also, apparently the pond is named Star Lake, according to Google. 

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