Making Yourself Dinner in College

Until I got to college, I didn’t realize how frustrating and time consuming deciding what to make for dinner and making dinner was. Props to my mom and dad for making dinner for my siblings and me.

I decided I was going to make one-pot chicken alfredo the other night… let me say first off that it was an adventure. Nothing gets your mind off homework like almost failing at cooking dinner.  I cooked the chicken, poured the chicken broth, and made the sauce. And you know how parmesan is a key ingredient to Alfredo…? Well I forgot that… The most important part!

By the end of the adventure I had sauce in my hair and flour all over the counter. I was supposed to use only one pot but the dishes were endless! It was actually quite comical. If I had my sister there to help I think there would have been a better outcome. The food was still great, so much more delicious than ramen, but it could have been better.

More planning should have definitely gone into this project so next time I make dinner I’ll think it all out before I start! Wish me luck tonight, I’m going to try tackling breaded chicken (and I’m horrible at cooking chicken, just ask my sister).

If you guys want to try making one-pot chicken alfredo here is a great recipe:

Ps. Don't forget the parmesan!!

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