Lunch Café

When you think Fairbanks Alaska, what kind of food comes to mind? Do you think vegetarian, organic or homegrown? When I found Lunch Café I fell in love instantly.
The restaurant is located in downtown Fairbanks directly across from the Daily News-Miner. The interior is always decked out with artwork which creates a homey feeling and atmosphere. The staff is very inviting and they add to the feeling that Lunch is dedicated to creating food that is closer to the earth. One of the most credible commitments that this little food spot has to offer is their copious amount of vegan and vegetarian options available. Unlike the norm in restaurants they include a wide and tasty selection of pastries, muffins, breads, sandwiches kebabs and even breakfast on the weekends. BUT don't freak out, there are still eggs, turkey and chicken on the menu for you meat lovers. If you are interested in trying out Lunch Café I highly recommend some specific menu items that will knock your socks off and ignite your taste buds.

  • Sarah's Special Sandwich
  • First timer? I’ve got just the order. With Sarah's Special Sandwich you have options and don’t we indecisive folks love those. You can either have it as a pita, bowl, salad or sandwich which comes complete with chicken thigh seasoned to perfection, tomato, lovely greens, marinated portobello mushrooms to bring in that kick and finally a little bit of honey mustard to seal the deal for this refreshing meal.
  • The Hot Mess
  • If you need something warm and memorable to start off your Sunday morning this might be the perfect meal for you, complete with pumpkin biscuits, eggs and smothered in your choice of either mushroom or turkey sausage gravy, this menu item is a sure favorite that you can’t bypass.

  • Donuts!
  • Did I mention that they come out of their dairy free kitchen? They do not have a similar taste to any other donut and that’s not even the best part, the have a slew of varieties such as vanilla lemon, blueberry, maple, raspberry and even a strawberry chocolate! Not only can you take them to go but you can order donuts and cakes for large parties. The best part is they pair perfectly with a cup of hot coffee.
  • Scandinavian Almond Bread
  • This is one of my parent's regular go-to items. I got suspicious one day and decided to check it out and I was completely blown away. It was sweet, moist, just the right amount of sugar without me feeling like it was a bad decision. If you ever decide to try out one of these great slices i suggest you pair it with cup of hot steaming Chai tea and a good read, it wont last for very long, you might want another piece but when you take that first initial taste you'll be glad you did.
  • Turkey Burger
  • It was filling, phenomenal and came with a side of fries that were made with Alaskan grown potatoes and a pickle. Topped with mustard, ketchup, onion lettuce and tomato this meal satisfies your burger needs and then some.

I wouldn't be able to list all of my recommendations because the list would go on for miles. Lunch Cafe is definitely worth the stop so go and see for yourself! Find and create your own little list of favorites, take a friend, significant other or a parent, you will soon end up just like me, spreading the word about this little food stop that should be the talk of the town.  


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