Living with a Roommate

Today I am going to blog about my roommate experience.

For the past year and a half now, I have lived in the dorms, and each semester with a roommate. My first year of college (last year) after I decided to live in the dorms, I was the happiest girl in the world. I ran back to my room all day to see if my roommate had arrived. Once I saw her, I quite literally jumped into her arms and assumed we would be best friends and do everything together. She was a Yupik Alaskan from Tooksook Bay named Val. It was really neat to experience her culture and learn new words in her Yupik language! She was witty, lovely, and surprisingly fun. Fast forward to the end of the year, and although we had not become very best friends like I had wished, it was great to have her as a roommate. As it happens, I began to fall into my own friend groups and she in hers; yet a year later we message each other on Facebook to say hello and one day I would love to go visit her village and see her again. A fun memory that comes to mind is when I would be waxing my eyebrows and Val would beg me to let her rip it off… What a pleasant experience that was I can assure you! Another fun memory I can recall is Val letting me try Agutaq- Alaska native ice cream made out of lard, sugar, and berries mixed together. Very tasty until trying to avoid the dreaded freshman fifteen... Anyhoo!
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Val no longer goes to UAF so we are not roommates this year but it was awesome getting to know her. Here is a photo of us together at the beginning of the year:

This year, my roommate is Buyan, or Bella, and she's from Mongolia. She is a very interesting girl! She is funny and it is interesting trying to help her with her English studies. She comes from a neat culture full of tarot cards and loves painting my nails and doing my makeup (which is a very different style in comparison to what I usually do.)

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If any of you are interested in living in the dorms and a little frightened about getting a roommate, I assure you that it is a wonderful experience getting to know someone from the inside of a little box of a dorm room!

And on the other side, if it doesn’t end up working out, Residence Life does a “room lottery”, letting on-campus students change rooms/roommates every two weeks. But you never know! Maybe you will end up meeting your best friend for life, and if not that, have a great life experience and story to tell in the future.

Follow this link to become more familiar with what UAF dorm life:

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