Living on Campus

I've lived on campus since I came to Fairbanks in 2014 and It's been extremely effective for me in regards to studying, convenience and ample social life. The thing that gets some people on campus is the fear of having a crazy roommate. When you first come to college it can be extremely strange to live with someone that you've never met before but I can assure that setting some expectations with each other can really benefit the way you both want to live in your dorm room as first year students. UAF Residence Life does their best to pair you with somebody that has a similar schedule as you by asking a few questions in the housing application process.

If you start to have problems with your roommate, this may call for a roommate contract where you are both expected to keep accountability and make sure you are respecting each others expectations. From personal experience I would suggest rooming with someone new. Sure it sounds nice to be living with your best friend but my personal advice is live in the same dorm but get different roommates. It expands your peer group this way.

The resident assistants in each dorm are there to assist you and if there is an issue that you cannot work out with your roommate get help from the RA on duty. They will do their best to make sure that the problem is taken care of and if they can't solve the problem the resident hall director for your room can move you to another room based upon availability.

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