How to Get Around if You Don't Have a Car.

Need a quick way to go around campus without having to walk? Well look no more because UAF has it's own shuttle bus service. The shuttle bus service covers the whole campus. And the service has its own shuttle tracker too. So that you will be able to know when the bus arrives at which station.

Let's say you have a class on a day when the weather is bad. Just use the shuttle bus and stay toasty!
During the summer the Shuttle service offers their eco bus.

For those of you who wants to go out of campus. The MACS transit offer free public transportation  to all UAF college students. All you have to do is show your polar express card to the bus driver and you are on your way. How convenient!
When I first arrived to Alaska, I didn't have friends with cars to get around. On the second day I got here I remember I walked all the way to Fred Meyers just to buy some groceries. And then my friends mentioned that there is free public transportation to any place in Fairbanks.

The next day I decided to try it. I went to the wood center got the times for when the bus arrives. Then I went to the bus stop at the Wood Center. Got in the bus and 10 minutes later I was at Fred Meyers. Bought my stuff and waited for the bus to arrive again. The whole trip took about an hour. It was a pretty nice adventure to go on.  

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