Holiday Season

We are now in the full swing of the holiday season, full of pumpkin spice lattes and UGG boots. So if you are like me and are going home for the whole month for winter break, here are some nice easy ways to stay relaxed, but also be ready for the upcoming semester.

 Get your books ordered ahead of time!

If you spend some time over break searching for your textbooks (or ordering them from the bookstore), you can probably find them for a really good price and have them ready for the first day of classes. One less stress for the beginning of the semester!

 Get any and all school supplies set up that you possibly could before classes start

If you are like me, you love having everything ready when you start your classes. That being said, you will most likely want to have all of your notebooks ready and your planner filled out with whatever assignments have been listed out in the syllabus already.

Give yourself a day or two in Fairbanks before classes start

This way you can tie up any loose ends before you start classes, and if your flight gets cancelled you are not worried about missing the first day of classes (it has happened to me before and made me insanely stressed out).

This may seem like something that is very simple to do, but that is because they are! These are simple ways that you can easily transition back into school next semester.

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