Happy Hallo-week!

What is it about October that just makes time fly by? Every year near the end of September I'll get all excited about what to be for Halloween without ever knowing what I'm actually going to be doing on Halloween night (or in this case Halloween weekend). And then, I blink, and suddenly, it's four days until Halloween and two days until celebrations actually commence. Which leaves me without a costume with a handful of invitations of festivities coming in, wondering where the cuss this whole month went. So what do you do when you actually really love Halloween and have felt like you've been neglecting it because of school, work, extracurricular activities, and socializing with friends and family?

Just subtly dress up for the whole week prior to Halloween, a Halloweek celebration. I've dedicated a very small amount of time to each of these looks, I'll admit but that doesn't stop me from feeling quite proud and festive. Have most people noticed my "costumes" before I tell them about Halloweek? No. Of course not. But I'm not doing it for other people, I'm celebrating for myself and my own amusement, and I must say I am quite amused. That's one of the great things about growing up, realizing that you have to do things for yourself, enjoy the little victories and smile and keep moving forward even when time flies by and you don't have a costume for Halloween.
So now, as I'm sure you all are just DYING (haha get it?) to know how I dressed this week! Here it is, here are some pictures and some explanations of what and why I wore these things.

Day 1: Monday 24 October 2016 Death-y 
This was the beginning, I knew I had to start out strong, makes a statement even if people weren't exactly sure what the statement was. So what did I do? I wore the one thing that seemed to turn heads the most when I worked on a military base this summer: black lipstick. I knew that the reactions wouldn't be as exaggerated and ridiculous here as they were at my summer job. If I can tell you one thing, my dear readers, it's that at college everyone is doing their own thing and very few to no one will really care what you do or wear. Which was a massive change from when I was working on base and an older military veteran looked me in the eyes and asked me if he was going to die. Either way, black lipstick always makes me feel edgy and dangerous. I teamed it with my massive black  sweater with a skull on it. And viola! Death-y stuff... Halloween-y stuff! Whoop Whoop! Day 1 complete!

Day 2: Tuesday 25 October 2016  Scarecrow-y
Pretty much any opportunity I have to wear my overalls, I take gladly. I teamed my extremely comfortable overalls with my equally comfortable flannel... Okay, I'll be honest. It's not really my flannel. It's my cousin's. He foolishly left it here after visiting this summer and I've claimed it as my own until he comes back to visit and pries it from my cold, dead (not really) hands. Anyways, this was probably the most comfortable outfit I've ever worn, save my socks that kept falling down. Makeup wise, I chose just fall colors. I put on brown lipstick and put yellow, orange and brown on my eyelids. Day 2 complete!

Day 3: Wednesday 26 October 2016 Psycho-y
Now this one was a bit of a stretch, I'll admit but I saw a dress and automatically thought of Psycho. So, dawning said dress added some gray tights and the most period appropriate shoes I could find in my fairly limited closet. Now is dressing as Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates dressed as his dead mother, Norma Bates, specifically Halloweenesque? No, not particularly but was it creepy? Yes, I would say so and for me, that's more than good enough. The only downside I'd say is that I really did not feel like myself in this outfit. Makeup and hair-wise I kept it quite simple, just winged out some eyeliner and put my hair up in a bun. I was very happy to change into pajama pants and a t-shirt when I got home from this day of the Halloweek. Three days down, two days to go!
Alfred Hitchcock's

Day 4: Thursday 27 October 2016 Zombie...-y
Let's face it, this was not very original on my part, I'm well aware, but I was running out of options and it's a classic so I gave it a whirl. There's nothing I can say about zombies that haven't already been said, I know that, but it's still fun and that's what I was going for. Fun. So let's just dive right into it! I wore the most zombie-ish green shirt I could find and then just wore what I normally would, skinny jeans and converse because, why not? Who's to say that I wouldn't be wearing these things if I did become a zombie? I made it a bit more ghoulish by creating a gradient effect on my eyelids starting at my brow bone with a really pale gray, then green in the crease, and black on my lid. I don't know why I always have to have my zombies be green but I do, I think it's a way cooler effect than just looking... well... dead. I just put my hair half up because I wanted to, no other real motive was behind that masterpiece, I was just running out of time getting ready that morning. Oh and I can't forget the red lips, for obvious reasons: red, blood. One more day!

 Day 5: Friday 28 October 2016 Nightmare-y
Why you may ask? Because I love Nightmare on Elm Street and this sweater is very comfortable, that's why. I remember seeing this sweater in the Spirit of Halloween store just a couple of weeks ago, I was giddy with delight when I tried it on not just because of the pop culture references but also because of the duality of this brilliant product. Not only could I wear it throughout the month of October (and I have), but I could also wear in during the holiday season! Mwahaha! It's so practical and surprisingly warm. So I have finished the week out strong! I'm not going for accuracy here but I am in love with the little details that I tacked on. I used primarily reds and brown on my eyelids to allude to Freddy's burnt up face and red lips because why not? Boots because you can't be a dream demon, stalking your victims in a creepy boiler room wearing sandals. Five outta five!

All in all, I'd say it was a successful Halloweek, I had fun and it helped me feel like I wasn't squandering away my October once again. Will this become a
tradition? Maybe. Either way, I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween. Whether you're celebrating this weekend, this Monday or if you were like me and you celebrated this whole week have a fantastic time!

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