Everything Changes and Green Dot

During the beginning of the semester I had the unique opportunity to act in a play called “Everything Changes”  When I was asked to act again I got kind of excited because I love acting but I hadn’t really done it in years. This was a new role for me and the play served as an eye opener to many first year students about the situations that can happen regarding sexual assault, harassment and stalking.

It was difficult for me to play a character that would actively engage in those behaviors but the purpose behind the play and the courage of the authors to stand up really inspired me to be involved. I don't doubt that a small group of people can make changes in the world and when you step and and act you are making a real difference.

More so than ever we need to come together and prevent violence on our campuses and within our schools. The Green Dot Bystander Prevention Program has been of the most valuable tools that I've gained during my time here at UAF and I've utilized the training many times and I've prevented many bad situations because of what I learned during the training.

Learn more about Green Dot here:

Participating in the play was more than just another act, it was more than just a show. The situations in the play represented situations that are very real and these situations are situations that we can prevent by starting the conversation and making more students aware of what consent actually means. 

If you will be attending New Student Orientation I strongly encourage you to pay attention to the characters within the play, pay attention to the situations and if you have questions you can find many resources here: 

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